Canyon Creek PRT Bison Hunt 2018

This hunt was for four disabled veterans and was sponsored by PRT and Canyon Creek Ranch of Medina, Texas. Veterans were given the opportunity to hunt a variety of game, stay at a hunting camp, tour the ranch, meet new friends and relax.

Posted: December 06, 2018

On November, 30th 2018 the veterans showed up at the hunting camp. We were told we had a quota of 2 bison. I put names in a hat and had a guide draw them. Once introductions and room assignments were completed the veterans proceeded to the range to sight in their rifles. With the exception of one veteran's rifle, all were pretty much good to go. One of the guides loaned the veteran a rifle, and he had no issues keeping them in the bullseye! During the range time the veterans hit it off with the guides. It was unbelievable how fast this relationship developed.

Aaron Sanders went with a guide to look for his bison. Later that evening we all met up at the processing building and were stunned to see a 1,400 young bull bison skinned out and hanging. Bret Herrington killed a nice whitetail buck. We stayed at the processing building as all hands joined in for cleaning the animals. The guides were surprised at how the veterans helped, they even assisted in scrubbing the floors. We all proceeded to the camp.

The dinner that night was fantastic! The veterans and guides ate together and had a great time. Plans were laid out for the next day, also we were told we could kill two more bison. One of the veterans declined, as he wanted a cow elk. With a full belly and after a couple of hours of laughing, joking, and ribbing, the veterans went to sleep.

01 December everyone got up, ate breakfast and they were taken to their respective hunting areas. Dwight Blackman and John Ganske killed a beautiful young bull bison. Bret Herringnton killed a beautiful wall hanger whitetail buck. The veterans and guides got to work. Aaron Sanders and I broke down his bison for transport, the other veterans worked on skinning and quartering the game taken. We all proceeded to the camp for lunch.

Lunch was a great time again! Everyone joking, laughing and just relaxing. It was decided that the veterans needed a tour of the ranch(s). I was told that I could take a black buck on this tour. We all loaded up Jeeps for the tour. The amount of wildlife was staggering. I shot a trophy black buck. I went back to the processing building with one of the guides. The veterans were sent out to stands for an evening hunt. Another guide showed up at the processing building, and we proceeded to process animals. When the veterans arrived they all joined in.

When the work was done, and the processing plant was cleaned, we all went to the camp. This was one of the best groups of veterans and guides I have seen! We laughed and had the most amazing time. All the veterans were infantry, one of the guides was infantry, so it was like being back in a platoon again. You could see the big grins on everyone's faces. We laid out plans for the next day and everyone went to sleep at a decent hour.

 The next morning Dwight and John slept in, they were going to help at the processing building. The veterans were taken to their stands, and I was put on a stand. Aaron killed a small forked horn whitetail buck, and I killed the biggest whitetail buck of my life 10 minutes before the hunt was over.

The processing area was busy on this morning! We had veterans and guides working side by side doing every aspect of the jobs needed. Simple tasks like running to the other ranch to pickup ice to cutting meat, all fit together like a well oiled machine. No veteran left until they ensured there was no more work to be done. I did a final walk through and ensured there was nothing left to be done before Dwight and I took off.

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