Bisbee’s Los Cabos’ Offshore Tournament 2019

An Exciting Three Day Fishing Trip in the Beautiful Los Cabos, Mexico!

Posted: October 17, 2019

Mike Chesne took two WWH alumni, Mike Cheramie and Bob Holman, to Los Cabo to fish in the world famous Bisbee’s Los Cabos’ Offshore Tournament. The dates of this event were October 17th to October 22nd. On October 17th the day started out early as the flight was at 6am. There was no complaining as everyone was excited to fly out to Cabo! Once we arrived in Cabo there was a private SUV waiting to take us to the resort.

The resort was amazing! The view from the room was breath taking, and having the swimming pool on the second level with a good restaurant and bar tenders made it even more exciting. We enjoyed the pool for an hour as the boat was being fueled. Once we received the call the boat was back in its slip we quickly went to the dock to meet the owners and crew.

The boat turned out to be a 66 foot fishing yacht, with a cook, captain and full crew! Once the greetings were over we proceeded to the tournament check-in, and afterwards to dinner. The next morning came early as we boarded the boat. Breakfast was served and we proceeded to “make bait”. The fish we caught for bait would have been proudly displayed by any angler in Louisiana, but we were after 300 pound plus black marlin and needed big bait.

 The start of the tournament was a sight to behold. Right at 8:00am over a 100 fishing boats took off in a race to the fishing grounds. We fished hard all day and caught nothing. But, no one complained as the trip on the boat, scenery, and company made the day. After we docked it was dinner and back to the rooms to rest up.

 The second day was a shotgun start again at 8:00 A.M. Everyone put in the effort but the fish were not cooperating. Although we had another day without any fish the fabulous food, great company, and being out in the water made up for it entirely. When the boat was docked we were told that we would be fishing for fun the next day. We spent a relaxing evening enjoying the harbor life in Cabo before going back to the room for much needed rest.

Day three was going to be different. The baits and rigs were smaller; everyone was relaxed not to be in the tournament. You could feel the excitement! First fish on was a nice Mahi Mahi. Bob Holman fought the fish and it was quickly brought aboard. This was his first Mahi Mahi. The Mahi Mahi ended up being lunch on the boat. Fresh Mahi Mahi ceviche quickly disappeared as we waited for the next strike. I was next in line when one of the lines started to sing. After a long and physically demanding fight I landed a 90” plus striped marlin on light tackle. This was one of the items on my bucket list, something I dreamed about since I was a child. Needless to say I was walking on air after this. After a couple of more hours, nothing was happening, so we loaded up and headed to the port.

 Just outside of port a bait ball of fish, birds and dolphins were spotted. The boat stopped forward movement, lines were thrown out and BAM! Bob hooked up with a beautiful striped marlin, Mike Chesne hooked up and another guest hooked up. It was controlled chaos. Bob landed his first striped marlin, Mike hooked up two and the guest brought in another beauty. We had to leave as we had to get to port for a scheduled time, so we left as another boat moved in to work the marlin.

 After we debarked, it was a nice dinner in town. There was a lot of fist pumping, great stories about fish battles, and how much this was a once in a lifetime trip. The next day was a much needed day to relax. We treated ourselves to massages, a really nice lunch and cocktails around the pool. I reflected on the last couple of days and was still in awe of all we had done. Bob caught his first Mahi and striped marlin, I caught the dream fish that I’ve wanted since I was a child, and I was moved at the hospitality shown to us by people who just a couple of days ago were strangers and now have become family.

The next day we flew out and came back to “reality”. But for a few days it was fun living the life of the “rich and famous”. I want to thank Mike Chesne for arranging this trip. From beginning to end, he ensured this was a blast for us. I want to thank the Captain, Allan, for doing such a fantastic job. The cook Juan was on point with everything he presented on the boat. Frederico and Alejandro were the best deckhand team I’ve ever seen in action. And the biggest thank you is to Tim and Sue Eck! They opened their boat and hearts to us. We were treated as family. We cannot thank them enough for everything they did for us. Bob and I will never be able to pay you back, but you guys hold a special place in our hearts. Before I forget I have to thank First Mate Uno! Uno did a great job of keeping marauding fish off the boat and ensure everything was in ship shape.

Mike “Gunny” Cheramie

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