Mission Statement

Wounded War Heroes was founded to show our appreciation to the men and women who have been wounded while in combat, by providing them therapeutic outdoor experiences upon their return home from fighting for our country. Our sole purpose is to show these veterans that they have not been forgotten for their courageous service to our country.


If you are interested in giving any kind of a donation to the Wounded War Heroes Foundation simply click donate.

Board Members

Executive Board:

Mike Chesne                                  mike@woundedwarheroes.org
Vice Chairman:
Cootz Foret                                    cootz@woundedwarheroes.org
Dennis LaBorde (Attorney)   dennis@woundedwarheroes.org
Emeric Watson                            emeric@woundedwarheroes.org
Scott Robichaux                          scott@woundedwarheroes.org
Todd Robichaux                          todd@woundedwarheroes.org
Lucky Rogers                                lucky@woundedwarheroes.org

Advisory Board:

Dickie Robichaux
Kevin Samrow
Mike Watson
Ray Smith
Ryan LeBlanc
Terry Ronquillo
Tim Achee
Travis McAdams

Wounded War Heroes

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Don’t forget your Jambalaya Dinners!

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Wounded War Heroes

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1100 plates down 1900 to go. Ask everyone to send all their friends in the Baton Rouge area to the St. George Fire Department.

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Wounded War Heroes

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Today’s the day! The St. George Fire Department and ITI Technical College are hard at work creating your Jambalaya Dinner.

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Wounded War Heroes

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Banquet Update: A good number of tables and individual tickets have been purchased; looks like we are headed to another sold out event. Tables and individual tickets can still be purchased at www.woundedwarheroes.org/banquet or at the contact info on the bottom of the flyer.

Some very desirable / patriotic items and trips are being donated for the auction – don’t miss out on the opportunity.

Come spend a night with us, honoring our Veterans, enjoying good food and drink, dancing to the band, and helping us to “Put Heroes in the Outdoors”.

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Wounded War Heroes

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The Beginning

Wounded War Heroes all started when Michael Savoie, A Medically Retired Wounded War Hero USMC, met Emeric Watson (Founder of WWH’s) at a hunting event in Pachuta, MS. Late one night around a camp fire Michael heard stories about some of the Watson’s fishing adventures and asked Emeric what it would cost to take around 20 military men and women down to south Louisiana for a weekend of fishing. Emeric’s wheels immediately started to spin and can recall having trouble sleeping that night because of all the ideas running through his head. Emeric spoke with his father and brother-in-law the following day and decided they would ask some family and friends to make donations to help defray the cost of a trip. Much to their surprise they received an overwhelming response and received commitments for donations and services.

Within a couple of days they set a date for the first WWH’s Fishing Rodeo which was dictated by the weekends that remained available at the Delta Marina, whereby default left them with the task of pulling off the event within 17 days. The inaugural WWH’s rodeo went off without a hitch due to hard work and dedication from many friends and family members. To date WWH’s has grown from one large fishing rodeo annually to 16 different hunting and fishing events sponsored mostly by oilfield related service companies. A passion for the outdoors and the desire to give something back to these courageous men and women whom have sacrificed so much for our country and sustained life-altering wounds in the fight for freedom is the premise behind Wounded War Heroes. Our military men and women put their lives on the line so we can wake up every morning and go about our day, enjoying freedom in ways big and small.

WWH’s has become a wonderful small organization with valuable resources and assistance dedicated to enhancing life after battle for our wounded vets. The staff involved in ensuring a successful and enjoyable experience for each event is strictly voluntary and no salaries are paid to any of WWH’s board members, and it has proven to be second to none.