Mission Statement

Wounded War Heroes was founded to show our appreciation to the men and women who have been wounded while in combat, by providing them therapeutic outdoor experiences upon their return home from fighting for our country. Our sole purpose is to show these veterans that they have not been forgotten for their courageous service to our country.


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Board Members

Executive Board:

Emeric Watson                      emeric@woundedwarheroes.org
Vice Chairman:
Grant Pittman                        grant@woundedwarheroes.org
Dennis LaBorde (Attorney)   dennis@woundedwarheroes.org
Cootz Foret                              cootz@woundedwarheroes.org
Scott Robichaux                    scott@woundedwarheroes.org
Todd Robichaux                    todd@woundedwarheroes.org

Advisory Board:

Dickie Robichaux
Kevin Samrow
Lucky Rogers
Mike Watson
Ray Smith
Ryan LeBlanc
Terry Ronquillo
Tim Achee
Travis McAdams

Wounded War Heroes

Wounded War Heroes added 28 new photos to the album: 2015 WWH 6th Annual Fishing Tournament at the Venice Marina — at Venice,la.Friday, August 21st, 2015 at 7:00am

Wounded War Heroes had our 6th Annual Fishing Rodeo August 21-22. It was a great event for our Wounded War Heroes and all others participating. A big thanks go to all who sponsored, volunteers and friends who helped to make this event so successful. We cannot thank all our veterans enough for what you have sacrificed for this country.

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Wounded War Heroes

Wounded War Heroes added 4 new photos to the album: 2015 Houma Oilman’s Fishing Invitational.Thursday, May 21st, 2015 at 7:00am

Special thanks to the Houma Oilman’s Fishing Invitational and Houma Oilman’s Fishing Invitational Board Committee. Also, special thanks to James Bergeron, Tony Robichaux, Joe Boudreaux and Lee Bourdreaux for putting together the weekend for the Heroes.

WWH Attended: Doug Clark, Erik Waller and Jamie Pistole

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Wounded War Heroes

Wounded War Heroes added 4 new photos to the album: 2015 South Dakota Turkey Hunt — at Rosebud Indian Reservation, South Dakota.Sunday, May 17th, 2015 at 7:00am

Special thanks to the Dakota Hunting Trips (Prairie Dog Lodge) and Pine Creek Guide Service. Also thanks to Chris Peterson, Ray Masciarella, Danny Santangelo and Dwayne Ryan.

WWH’s attended: Bobbie Parks and Jeremy Hardy. On the hunt Bobbie Parks obtained his Grand Slam filling his Merriam’s turkey tag. Congradulations Bobbie.

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Wounded War Heroes

Wounded War Heroes added 4 new photos to the album: 2015 Oregon Bear Hunt — in Coquille, Oregon.Sunday, May 17th, 2015 at 7:00am

Special thanks to Spoon Creek Outfiters. Also thanks to Ken Wilson for sponsoring the hunt and all the volunteers that made this special event happen.

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Wounded War Heroes

Wounded War HeroesMonday, April 6th, 2015 at 8:02am

I need to say Thank You to all the “Heroes” of this Great Nation. Back in August of 2014, Chuck Williams and Matt Cole asked the crowd at the WWH fishing rodeo to raise money to send me on a turkey hunt to Florida to fulfill my Grand Slam in the turkey hunting world (shooting all 4 subspecies of the wild turkey in the U.S. – Eastern, Rio Grande, Merriam’s, and Osceola). I guess they did this because I spearheaded several turkey hunts in the last 4 years to ensure that both these great men, some of our “Heroes”, accomplish the task of gaining their Grand Slams. Both Chuck and Matt are really avid turkey hunters like me and I wanted to make sure that the Grand Slam happened for them to show them that I appreciate everything that they have done serving this nation and fighting for our freedom. The Grand Slam for them happened in the spring of 2014 in Del Rio, TX after both men shot their Rio Grande turkeys, the last leg of the 4 species for them. Because of this, Chuck and Matt took upon themselves to accomplish an unselfish act of giving back to me (who by no means is deserving of such a gift). At the rodeo Chuck and Matt raised enough money to send me on a turkey hunt to South Florida in order to hunt the Osceola species (the 4th and final leg of the Grand Slam for me). At first I was caught off guard of their gift to me and I did not want to accept it and told them that one day I would go on my own. They did not accept this from me and both told me that if I did not accept their generous offer that they would disown me forever. I was humbled by their generosity and accepted. I got the hunt lined up and also got two more “Heroes” lined up to go with me, Bobbie Parks (US Army) and Justin Whatley US Marines). I wanted to enjoy the hunt in the presence of Heroes. Bobbie is an avid turkey hunter and chapter president of the Whiskey Chitto Longbeards National Wild Turkey Federation branch. Justin grew up turkey hunting in MS like me and also only needed his Osceola to obtain his Grand Slam. I could not think of two better hunting partners to accompany me on this trip. After I got the hunt scheduled, I started thinking about how I got to this point of receiving this hunt from two unselfish, generous and remarkable men, two men that are alive today that may have not gotten the chance to enjoy being back in the USA and experiencing outdoor activities after serving overseas and fighting for this country for what they believe in. It also hit me that there are many that did not make it back to this country alive protecting what we believe in as Americans able to do things in life that we take for granted. It’s these men and women “Fallen Heroes” that I wanted to dedicate this hunting trip to. I asked Chuck and Matt to send me names of their brothers who they served with that never made it back alive. I wanted to list them their names where both Chuck and Matt knew the whole time on my hunt that I was thinking of those great men and knowing that it’s because of their ultimate sacrifices that I get to enjoy the hunting tradition that has been instilled in me since I was a small boy. Thank you again Chuck and Matt for what you did for me. It will never be forgotten and in you I will have friends forever…

From Chuck Willams…
Forever We Will Never Forget
Killed in Action – SGT Clifford Mundey, SPC Alan Jasper, and PFC Jason Hockman
From Matt Cole…
Forever We Will Never Forget
Killed in Action – CPL David S. “Bear” Stewart, LCPL Kevin G. Waruinge, SGT Bradley J. Harper, LCPL Eric J. Bernholtz, LCPL Christopher J. Dyer, LCPL Christopher P. Lyons, LCPL Aaron H. Reed, SGT David N. Wimberg, PFC Christopher R. Dixon, LCPL Michael J. Cifuentes, LCPL Nicholas W. Baart Bloem, LCPL Nicholas B. Erdy, CPL Dustin A. Derga, CPL Andre “Dre” L. Williams, LCPL Grant B. Fraser, SSGT Kendall H. Ivey II, HM3 “DOC” Travis L. Youngblood, LCPL William B. Wightman, LCPL Edward A. Schroeder II, SSGT Anthony L. Goodwin, SGT Justin F. Hoffman, SGT David K.J. Kreuter, LCPL Jourdan Lin Grez, LCPL Timothy M. Bell, Jr., LCPL Jonathan W. Grant

Again thank you to everyone that may have donated to this event. Please list any names of “Fallen Heroes” that you would like for everyone to know and for us to remember them…

Grant Pittman
Vice Chairman
Wounded War Heroes

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The Beginning

Wounded War Heroes all started when Michael Savoie, A Medically Retired Wounded War Hero USMC, met Emeric Watson (Founder of WWH’s) at a hunting event in Pachuta, MS. Late one night around a camp fire Michael heard stories about some of the Watson’s fishing adventures and asked Emeric what it would cost to take around 20 military men and women down to south Louisiana for a weekend of fishing. Emeric’s wheels immediately started to spin and can recall having trouble sleeping that night because of all the ideas running through his head. Emeric spoke with his father and brother-in-law the following day and decided they would ask some family and friends to make donations to help defray the cost of a trip. Much to their surprise they received an overwhelming response and received commitments for donations and services.

Within a couple of days they set a date for the first WWH’s Fishing Rodeo which was dictated by the weekends that remained available at the Delta Marina, whereby default left them with the task of pulling off the event within 17 days. The inaugural WWH’s rodeo went off without a hitch due to hard work and dedication from many friends and family members. To date WWH’s has grown from one large fishing rodeo annually to 16 different hunting and fishing events sponsored mostly by oilfield related service companies. A passion for the outdoors and the desire to give something back to these courageous men and women whom have sacrificed so much for our country and sustained life-altering wounds in the fight for freedom is the premise behind Wounded War Heroes. Our military men and women put their lives on the line so we can wake up every morning and go about our day, enjoying freedom in ways big and small.

WWH’s has become a wonderful small organization with valuable resources and assistance dedicated to enhancing life after battle for our wounded vets. The staff involved in ensuring a successful and enjoyable experience for each event is strictly voluntary and no salaries are paid to any of WWH’s board members, and it has proven to be second to none.